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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Will Trump expose 9/11 – or stage a new one?

Trump really only has two choices left

During his first ten days in office, Donald Trump has already managed to endanger his presidency. The Saker, a contributor to my edited book Orlando False Flag, is a Trump supporter – and he is worried. In his article “A ‘Color Revolution’ Is Under Way in the United States” The Saker writes:
 Far from having accepted defeat, the Neocons and the US deep state have decided, as they always do, to double-down and they are now embarking on a full-scale “color revolution” which will only end with the impeachment, overthrowal or death of Donald Trump.
I don’t  share The Saker’s view that Trump’s main enemies are neocons – neoliberals would be more like it. And, quite frankly, I think Trump is a narcissistic sociopath and a puppet of Bibi Netanyahu, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him go down. But on the off chance that Trump is a better man than I think he is, I hope he takes The Saker’s advice:
Trump has a much more powerful weapon he can unleash against the Neocon: 9/11.
Whether Trump knew about it before or not, he is now advised by people like Flynn who must have known for years that 9/11 was in inside job. And if the actual number of people directly implicated in the 9/11 operation itself was relatively small, the number of people which put their full moral and political credibility behind the 9/11 official narrative is immense. Let me put it this way: while 9/11 was a US “deep state” operation (probably subcontracted for execution to the Israelis), the entire Washington “swamp” has been since “9/11 accomplice after the fact” by helping to maintain the cover-up. If this is brought into light, then thousands of political careers are going to crash and burn into the scandal.
9/11 was a collective crime par excellence. A few men actually executed it, but then thousands, possibly tens of thousands, have used their position to execute the cover-up and to prevent any real investigation. They are ALL guilty of obstruction of justice. By opening a new investigation into 911, but one run by the Justice Department and NOT by Congress, Trump could literally place a “political handgun” next to the head of each politician and threaten to pull the trigger if he does not immediately give up on trying to overthrow Trump. What Trump needs for that is a 100% trusted and 100% faithful man as the director of the FBI, a man with “clean hands, a cool head and a burning heart” (to use the expression of the founder of the Soviet Secret Police, Felix Dzerzhinsky). This man will immediately find himself in physical danger so he will have to be a man of great personal courage and determination. And, of course, this “man” could be a woman (a US equivalent of the Russian prosecutor, Natalia Poklonskaia).
I fully understand that danger of what I am suggesting as any use of the “9/11 weapon” will, of course, result in an immense counter-attack by the Neocons and the deep state. But here is the deal: the latter are already dead set in impeaching, overthrowing or murdering Donald Trump. And, as Putin once said in an interview, “if you know that a fight is inevitable, then strike first!”
Since, in my view, Trump is owned by Bibi, and Bibi did 9/11, the above scenario seems unlikely. But I could be wrong. Wouldn’t it be great if Trump, seeing that he is about to go down, decides to go down with a bang and plays the 9/11 truth card.
Most of the people howling against Trump’s “Muslim ban” have never lifted a finger to help spread the obvious (and forbidden) truth that 9/11 was perpetrated not by Muslims, but by the enemies of Muslims. Therefore they are either morons or cowards. And that goes double for the “Muslim ban” supporters – especially those who, like Alex Jones and PJ Watson, know that the whole purpose of 9/11 was to incite Islamophobia, yet who have nonetheless gone over to the side of the 9/11 perps. Such people (“truthers” who spread Islamophobia) are the foulest, most loathsome pieces of human excrement that have ever existed.
If Trump has a shred of decency and integrity (a big if) he will play the 9/11 truth card. If, on the other hand, he is the narcissistic sociopath he appears to be, he will likely preside over what Captain Eric May has called “911-2B” – another huge false flag on the model of 9/11. This will probably happen during the next 90 days, so as to justify and extend the Muslim Ban. Look for a nuclear flash to incinerate Trump Tower, and maybe a couple of other skyscrapers (the Sears Tower, purchased by Larry Silverstein with his 9/11 insurance fraud profits, has long been a target).
RED Alert! Stay away from Trump Tower and other iconic skyscrapers during the next 90 days! And all of you VT readers, especially those with military and intel connections, remember: If you see something, say something.
Trump has promised to “make America great again,” specifically by bringing back good unskilled jobs for the working class. He cannot possibly come close to fulfilling that promise. His presidency is doomed to go down in flames – it is already almost there, practically crashing and burning, after only ten days! He desperately needs to shock the country and pound his chest as an alpha male “great leader” during a state of emergency, or he is toast. And there are really only two ways to do this. He can either expose 9/11, or stage a new one.

Donald Trump’s presidential election victory despite running an Islamophobic campaign shows how the September 11, 2001 attacks set the stage for Washington’s anti-Islamic plots, says Kevin Barrett, an American scholar and Veterans Today Editor.
Dr. Barrett made the remarks on Sunday, while discussing a spike in hatred-filled attacks against Muslims across the US.
Three mosques in California received letters warning that the Republican president-elect would “cleanse” the country of Muslims, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) reported Saturday.
This is while, according to the FBI, hate crimes, particularly against Muslims, grew by 6.8 percent in 2015 to a total of 5,850 incidents reported throughout the year, compared with the 5,479 incidents reported in 2014.
Barrett said the letters were “disturbing” and indicated a bitter truth after nearly 15 years of Islamophobia that ensued from the 9/11 attacks.
“Many American Muslims are very upset as are many American fair-minded people, specially people on the left-side of the political spectrum who are looking at this Trump presidency which is unleashing all kinds of extreme… racist and nationalistic hatreds and rhetoric,” the analyst added.
Barrett said things like this raise much-needed awareness about the US government’s atrocities against Muslims around the world under the guise of the so-called war on terror.
“People have not really been worried about that; the kind of people who voted for [Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary Clinton and maybe even Bernie Sanders… do not seem particularly concerned that 2 million people have been murdered by their tax dollars all over the world,” he explained.
This is while Trump has also prompted outrage among Muslim and non-Muslim communities in the US by proposing a temporary ban on all Muslims from entering the US. He has also called for special IDs to that make tracking Muslims easier.
“Now with Trump in the White House, somebody who walks and talks a little bit like an American Hitler… and these storm trooper followers, or maybe false flaggers for all we know,” he said, hoping that the public would “wake up” to the reality of the 9/11 attacks.
“Again, it was a public relations stunt designed to launch a 100-year war on Islam on behalf of Israel,” Barrett said of the attacks against the Twin Towers in New York.

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